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A Typical Day

Preschool begins at 8:45am and we start the day with a register, taken by our ‘Helper of the Day’ and a member of staff. The children have free play where they can choose from a variety of activities including ones which adult led or child initiated. Our free-flow system means children can choose to play inside or outside and can move between these areas throughout free play. Around 10am we open our Snack Cafe where the children eat their healthy snack. Sometimes this is a whole group snack and sometimes we set aside a table where the children can come and eat their snack with a few friends.

We tidy up just after 11am and all come together for Circle Time. This is a really important part of the day where the children may be together as a whole group or in smaller groups and is focused teaching time. We usually focus on fun activities such as singing, number games, phonics, Colin the Code-a-pillar and many many more.

Next is lunch time. Children can bring packed lunches and we provide hot meals through Parrett House Catering. The children all eat together and this is a really social time where we can all interact. After they’ve eaten, the children look at books independently until we share our ‘Story of the Week’.

The afternoon session is very similar to the morning with free-play both inside and outside. We tidy up around 2pm and have our second Circle Time session of the day. After this we share a whole group snack, which is provided by us. This can be cheese and biscuits, toast, a sweet biscuit or, on hot days, an ice lolly!

Finally it is time for the children to get their home stuff ready and sing their ‘goodbye’ song before being collected at 3:15pm.

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Daily Mile– everyday we take the children onto the Primary School’s specially made running track and complete our daily mile. This lasts for 15 minutes and helps the children develop emotionally, socially, mentally and physically. Most of all it’s a fun way for us all to get moving! Sometimes mix things up a bit by having an obstacle course, or riding our bikes around the track, or drawing hop scotch to complete on our way around the track. We do the Daily Mile in so many different ways!

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Wet Welly Wednesdays and Field Trip Thursdays– on these days we have access to the school field and the wooded area around it. We often join with the Reception class from the school and complete forest school activities for the morning (Wednesday) or afternoon (Thursday). It is a great opportunity for the children to explore the natural world and helps build their relationships with their Reception teacher, readying them for starting school.

Boogie Bears– We are very lucky to have Gemma in once a week (the day changes each week) to do a Boogie Bears session with us. This is a movement in response to music session and Gemma provides a wealth of resources to compliment the children’s learning. It is so much fun and the children dance and move with bean bags, teddy bears, musical instruments and colourful ribbons.

Football coaching– Once a month, on a Thursday, we have a visit from a Yeovil Town coach. This lasts around and hour and the coach leads the children in a variety of fun physical activities including ball handling skills.