Due to some fabulous fundraising by the staff and committee we have managed to raise enough to purchase three ipad minis for preschool. We are all very excited about this as we can move the children’s knowledge and curiosity in ICT forward with access to subjects that interest them. The staff are also going to be able to observe, photo and link directly to the EYFS quicker and with more precision. We will be keeping the older style PC’s also.

Christmas DVD’s
Once again I would like to thank Maggie and Dean Fisher for the amazing recording of the Christmas production. We have had a lot of positivie feedback!

Christmas Photographs
Maggie and Dean Fisher have created an Btcloud folder with photos from the Christmas production, see the link below, if you would like to have any copies they will be 75p each, please fill in the order form and return to preschool with the payment.


Student placement
Chloe Hill has now finished her stint with us, however she requires some information regarding her time here. If you have not received a questionaire please speak to me (Bekki) and I will supply you with one. Chloe will remain on at preschool as bank staff.

First Aid
I have booked a Paediatric First Aid course for 1st and 2nd May in the commuity room in the primary school. This is a two day course between 9-3 and will cost £70. If you would like to attend please speak to me and I will ensure you have a space.

Learning Journeys
Your children’s learning journeys will be shared with you throughout this half term. Please take your time to read them, commment and sign. Once you have returned the learning journey please feel free to arrange a convenient time to view your child’s folder and discuss their development.

Wet Welly Wednesday
Wet Welly Wednesday will continue this term. Children should arrive dressed in their outdoor clothes and wellies, as we tend to go out almost straight away. Indoor shoes or slippers are needed for afterwards. Please, please please can you label wellies and clothing! (thank you to those who have done this already). It takes upto 20 minutes to get the children changed when we come in and even longer when we have to work out what belongs to who!
Writing Names
Please can you be aware when helping your child to write their name that you use lower case letters (apart from the initial one!) It is helpful for them when they start school to understand the correct formation of their names and not using capitals throughout. It is worth suggesting to also write their names on the top left hand side of any creations as this is where we start to write normally.

Thank you
Thank you to Marie Trimmer (Kelways Garden Centre) for donating three bags of compost, some seeds and pots! We would still like some larger pots for the children to use at the front of preschool.

One way system/Drop off Zone
I have had some complaints from Mrs Rosser at the school regarding preschool parents using the drop off zone before 9am to bring their child into preschool. Please do not park here and leave your car before 9am as it causes a problem for other parents.
Please keep to the voluntary one way system (keeping the school on your left), do not park in drop off zone and park considerately for the neighbours. Please park carefully and not on the corners to enable all cars to be able to drive through the area. The yellow zig-zag lines outside the staff car park also need to be kept clear at all times for emergency access.
Breakfast Club
Breakfast club is proving very popular, is you would like your child to attend regularly, or as a one off, please speak to Bekki or Marcia who will be happy to help. You can also text Bekki on 07828429878 up to 10pm to book for the next day!

Easter Fundraiser
We will be holding an Easter Fundraiser on Friday 4th April from 1.30pm. We will be having an Easter Bonnet Parade, Colouring Competitions, Easter Egg Hunt, Story Telling, Refreshments and a Raffle. More Details to follow!!!

Summer Term
During the summer term I am planning to hold:
• Sports day for preschool
• Summer outing
• Leavers party
Any ideas for a venue for our outing appreciated!!

Waiting list
As the year goes on the sessions have filled quickly! We now have a waiting list for everyday. Apart from Friday. If you wish to alter your sessions or adding please speak to me!

Dates for your Diary
Fri 4th April – Easter Fundraiser
Fri 4th April – last day of term
Tues 22nd April – Return to preschool

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